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A video thumbnail has few functions and the primary purpose if looking to get views is to get views, and engage a browser enough to stop and watch.

With UC Video Thumbnail Creator you can capture a snapshot with text and design elements, or create a custom thumbnail design any video category.

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Text/font editor

Upload your own image

Color palette

Template gallery

Background editor

Shape gallery

Graphic gallery

Foreground/background editing

Transparency editing

Background Templates

UC Video Thumbnail Creator Features

Create and download custom, professional quality video thumbnail images.

Easy to use drag and drop interface lets you add, resize and move all the elements of your thumbnail.

Add text to your image, choose from dozens of fonts, colors and sizes.

Add custom icons, banners, tags and shapes to your design.

Upload and add your own images to your covers.

We've included 120 ready made thumbnail templates for you to use and edit too!

When on the go and need a quick thumbnail
you can use one of our templates and just fill in a few
blanks and then boom!

You also can use add the text of your choice in a favorite font so that you can give a look and
feel that best suites your style.

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